Cow Park and April Walk Designs

Cow Park and April Walk were ranked highest as sites for community parks in the first survey. Feedback for these sites included:

Locations of Cow Park, April Walk, Eastwick Train Station, and 84th St. Median with community feedback on April Walk and Cow Park

Cow Park Designs

Cow Park has two designs. The active design includes a soundstage and open seating area, while the passive design includes a dog park and an internal walking loop.

Both feature a community garden, pollinator meadow, rain garden, play area, bike share depot and dense tree plantings to block noise for 84th St.

Active Design for Cow Park

Passive Design for Cow Park

Perspective view of community garden at Cow Park (included in passive and active designs)

April Walk Design

April Walk’s design includes community feedback for benches, beautification, and more plants! It adds areas to play chess, a seating plaza, and a bike crossing.

Listen to Jack Nichols, student and creator of the proposed designs, explain his design intents based on the feedback received from the first survey.

Once you’ve viewed the designs for all 6 parks, click the link below to fill out the updated survey, select your favorite design, and tell us your feedback! Please share with fellow community members too.

Click here for the new survey!

One thought on “Cow Park and April Walk Designs

  1. If you beautify Cowpark keep in mind our benches are the items that identify the areas. I do not see them on the design. When you open up free areas in the Community there needs to be higher security. We need a meeting to discuss the plans. My family is willing to volunteer town watch to assist w monitoring. Some of the areas are not secure projects ie….gardens, open dog parks and picnic areas. What will stop Outsiders from coming in at any time. I would like more answers to the questions of security or a plan in place


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